Monday, March 3, 2014

hey old man winter! make like a cialis and spring up outta here

its cold.....and snowing...again. Here's a little photo dump to steam up an afternoon.
Jake Booher .......that's a rather high hop sir.

Jake hunter with a tight smitty

Austin Phillips getting parallel with his shadow.....

Randy Mobley....x-up bush manual

Mobley getting it on this post

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tabletop Friday (a day late)

I bet you fools in internet land never would've thought, in a million years, one of these ttf's would be from yours truly. Well, I kinda did one today. so enjoy.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Amateuthour went to Florida to escape the freeze and get some new year bike riding done. We've never been much on media and filming when it comes to trips, one because most of us don't really give a shit if somethings filmed or not, and two, because we come on these trips to ride, ride a lot. When you drive 9 hours the last thing you want to do is spend time setting up shots and filming.
       Lots of riding happened, day one consisted of the Ormond beach and Daytona beach parks. No pics, not a damn one..... maybe its the change in altitude, but none of us could pull a thing Saturday. Who cares? We had an Oceanside room and an empty bar at the end of the night, complete with a soft tile floor bed for some of us. But you don't go on these trips for comfort, you know the drill.
    Sunday was Kona day, and what a day it was. 70 degrees, Hungry Howies pizza, and an empty snake run is all you need to forget about the tile bed, the cramped 600 mile all goes away as soon as you hit the first berm. I did take time to shoot some pics this day. You're welcome
    Monday was another sick park and a midday gorilla run through the streets of Jacksonville. Security got the best of us on most of the spots, but who cares. You don't come on these trips to "clock footage" if you do then I feel sad for you. Getting kicked out is part of the life, and it led to many funny encounters with J-villes best wackos roaming the streets.  Good times were had, maybe next time this slack bmx blog will bring along a fake media guy and things will get shot.....but I doubt it.

Mike Paton switch can feeble. Switch can feeble? I don't know what to call this

Kevin Little went full blast and jumped the middle wedge...theres a takeoff somewhere back there


this is the gnarliest ramp ive ever seen. you wont air this

this pic does not show you how mammoth this ramp is. Dave Friemuth ice picked it in road fools 5. I was stoked to get my wheels over the vans board.

Van Homan's world famous snake river canyon jump. Go see it in person,

Happy Festivus.

I am posting two table top photos on a Wednesday rather than on table top Friday. I was really pumped on the first one and completely forgot that it existed, like I do most things. I like both of these so much that they just can't wait. This is called amateur hour for a reason. We do most things on a whim and often under the effects of alcohol. JR is keeping it nice and flat for 2014.

More to come soon from the 2014 Polar Vortex Florida trip.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Tom McFillin

Clearing out the VX clips this week. Here's the long awaited Tom P footage. Some clips date back to Christmas of 2010 and some are even older than that. Enjoy and buy this guy a beer, you know it won't go to waste.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sean Sanderlin

Been riding a bunch with this kid. If you see him, make sure you break his balls, because kids these days need it. He's got a few maneuvers. Like most edits nowadays, you'll probably want to mute it...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

stay tuned

Adobe elements 12 and blu ray burner have been purchased. Don't let the cold weather get you down. Things will be happening shortly.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Blazin trails....

Trails are the white buffalo of bmx, rarely seen, majestic when photographed. Trails have been pushed to the back of the line in the current trends of bmx. But not in Knoxville, trails are alive and kicking, and over the weekend Tim Lewis, Dave Williams, and Eugene put together a jam session that was a blast to attend. Cool temps, pony keg, and perfectly packed landings make for an ideal sunday in this old trail riders book. Thanks to the Knoxville trail crew for having us down, here are some pics and stories.  be sure to check out for the other shots. Most of these out of focus shots were taken by yours truly. Nathan Diclaudio helped me out on some, ill distinguish between them.

All I know about this dude is his name is Tony from Atlanta. He went very high and fast all day.

Chase C.!!!!

The man with the shovel, Tim Lewis.

Troy Knight had never ridden real trails before today, kid had em dialed in by the end of the day.

Eugene has logged in many hours here with a shovel as well.

John Harter did a can can lander in this bowl berm, it was good.

Tim Lewis,  I would say this is blurry on purpose for some artsy bullshit, but I just fucked it up.

Add caption

probably my fav shot of the day, Tony's shirt blends right in

Nathan Diclaudio shreds.

This hip is a booter!  I fell in love with this jump

Tim Lewis with the steez. 

Stephen Horrucks shot photos all day. He's an og rider who thinks im satan, im convinced of it.

This lip got some backflip action. Chase!!!

Tim's homemade deer skin seat was rad.



Troy Knight was sketched on this hip, 3rd hit he's firing these out.

Did I mention Nathan Diclaudio shreds?

Oh my shit.....when Nathan hucked this booter, I snapped the shot then hoped he found the landing. He rode away with am elevated heart rate

Tim getting tucked in. photo by Nathan D.

Nathan d.


Troy joined in on the hip sesh . photo by Nathan D.

I like this angle on myself. Photo by Nathan D.

this shot of Tim Lewis is rad. Photo by Nathan D.

by far the best photo ever taken of me. Nathan D. hooked it up. I could ride this hip all day.